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Indiana Murray [userpic]

November 19th, 2014 (11:45 am)

In the event that one of my December posting meme posts ends up longer than three sentences, it's probably going to involve me making a lot of sweeping statements about what kind of sex scenes exist in most fannish het.

I don't think I read a wide enough sampling of fannish het.

So: help, please? I need links to popular m/f fic with sex in it -- not, like, the best of the best of your own personal smut collection, (although God knows I'll take that, too, for personal use) but readable, reasonably explicit fic that gets a ton of recs and AO3 hits. (This is where I really miss the old del.icio.us, man, I'm telling you.)

Because, you know, it's possible the zeitgeist has changed since the last time I was reading without personal recommendation. I don't say I think that's entirely the case, but I think it's possible.

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