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december posting meme, day 1

December 1st, 2014 (12:01 am)

It's technically Monday, and I have this written; therefore, I post.

December 1: Something you would like to achieve as a vidder -- [personal profile] isagel

... more vidding. Of any kind, really. I haven't finished anything in about eighteen months, and while there are perfectly good external reasons, it irks me to death. (I don't quite have the range of self-esteem issues with vidding that I do with writing; I only feel very, very useless when I'm not vidding enough. But it irks.)

Specifically: I want to experiment more with structure, which has historically tended to be my weak point -- both in that I tend to rely on very straightforward, linear narrative retelling, and in that pretty much everything I make falls apart in the last verse. This is usually only somewhat my fault. I have a positive gift for picking subjects that don't quiiiiiite give me enough footage to work with at the climax; you can really see this in "Baby Says," which really should have had either a lot more Freddie before the last minute or so, or a lot less in the last minute or so. Neither one was really possible, and it annoys me, but there's really no way I can see to remake it given the song and the footage available. I have a S2 ensemble vid vaguely in mind, but the song is ambitious enough to make me seriously doubt my own sanity.

Oh! Ensemble vidding. I'd like to do more of that. I have a really good song for a Peaky Blinders ensemble vid that would be a lot more straightforward, but I need at least one more season's worth of arc development and preferably, like, three. But yeah; the narrative style that seems to come most easily to me is single-POV character study, with a side order of really warped ship vid ("Between the Bars" did not come to me at all easily. AT. ALL. But I'm still more proud of that than anything else I've done.) and I'd like to broaden my range a little.

(The Penny Dreadful vid I'm theoretically working on is sort of a stylistic sequel to BtB. It's a howling pain in the ass, and I'm perpetually tempted to buy the DVDs and start over from scratch, because the TV-rip footage is just such shit. But I'm going to be really proud of it when I figure it out.)

But, anyway, to return to my original point: I want to do more stream-of-conscious narrative. I have admired bradcpu and hollywoodgrrl to the point of awe since well BEFORE I started vidding, and really, that's only increased, because now I can kind of see what they're each DOING, and wow. Just wow. I'm finding more and more that I'm drawn to vids that require a lot of re-watching to really parse, because the hit of comprehension when I finally do is so rewarding; I still remember the "!!!!" I got when I cracked "So What'cha Want" all by myself, without reading any commentary*.

And I want to make more vids that are more like that; I want that amazing density and economy, where every single clip is conveying a huge amount of information and some of it is information you would never have picked up from casual viewing, or straightforward retelling. (The breaking glass in "So What'cha Want" makes me gasp every time, because yes.) I've got a Peaky Blinders vid on the go that is basically me teaching myself how to do that, and it's astonishingly slow going, but it's fun. It turns out MAKING that kind of vid makes you feel just as clever as understanding someone else's does. (And the POV is just a GIFT for paranoid image-matching free association. Just such a gift.)

Basically, I want to move away from telling and towards showing. I feel like most of the vids I've made have a pretty clear, straightforward thesis statement that could be easily summed up by a careful viewer after one or two viewings whether they knew the canon or not**, and that's great, but I don't want it to be the only thing I can do.

In hl's terms -- God, I think I read that essay not long after it was posted, fucking time how does it work -- I would like to move away from narrative, and towards lyric. At least sometimes.

And more playing with POV. Always. In any context. And more objectively insane/hard to source POV choices. (I have been resolved to make an Ashes to Ashes vid about Caroline Price for so long now. So, so long. I had a pretty good start in progress when my old laptop died and I lost the song file. You can start telling me how crazy I am now, and I will wholeheartedly agree, but I actually feel really strongly that it needs to happen.)

Also, you know, honestly, I'd like to make a large-fandom vid and be the runaway hit at VVC. :p Admittedly the second half of that is sort of out of my control, but I actually have a really good idea for a Harry Potter vid that is right in my comfort zone narratively; I just need to get the footage, sit down, and make it. (I have such ethical issues with the song it demands to be set to. Such, such ethical issues. But it's the only song.)

* Incidentally, if you ever really need to know why I stopped watching House lo these many years ago and can't even re-watch the early, good episodes: THAT. Because that sheer straightforward ugliness was there in the source ALL THAT TIME, and boy did the majority of the writers not know it -- I suspect Doris Egan did, but I'm not going back to confirm.

** "Protect Me From What I Want" is probably the clearest example of this; I mean, the thesis statement is the fucking title, and I think it's my best-structured character study, because Persie's entire story is just... constant looping reiterations of that statement, and the only work I had to do was FINDING THE FUCKING VISUAL CUES. Which, as anyone who was there for that probably remembers...

Also, I've had it suggested to me that what looks obvious from my perspective is kind of less so from anyone else's, especially when they don't know the canon, but I don't know for sure. Would love feedback!

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