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Indiana Murray [userpic]

November 15th, 2014 (12:45 pm)

Pick a date below and give me a topic - it can be anything, from fandom related to life related to art related to whatever you want.

- Feel free to suggest multiple topics/dates, but I might shuffle or bump if I get enough to fill the month.
- Feel free to just leave a topic and no date. I'll fill it in.
- I reserve the right to flail around awkwardly and not be very good at it.

December 1 - Something you would like to achieve as a vidder ([personal profile] isagel)
December 2 - If you could design a makeup/nail polish line, what would it be like? ([personal profile] rhivolution)
December 3 - What all the characters in The Hour a) actually smell like, b) want to smell like? ([personal profile] wisdomeagle)
December 4 - Vanessa Ives ([personal profile] d_generate_girl)
December 5 - The secret hobbies/obsessions/geekeries of [3+ characters of your choosing]. ([personal profile] theleaveswant)
December 6 - Sexually dominant women and why you love them ([personal profile] isagel)
December 7 - Sexually submissive women and why I love them (me, dammit)
December 8 - 5 Makeup/Nail Things Everyone Should Try ([personal profile] d_generate_girl)
December 9
December 10 - The ladies of Peaky Blinders ([personal profile] d_generate_girl)
December 11
December 12 - Why There Should Be More Buggery In Het ([personal profile] d_generate_girl)
December 13 - Jack and Amy from A Gentleman's Guide. ([personal profile] aella_irene)
December 14
December 15 - your vidding process (as general or specific as you please.) ([personal profile] melannen)
December 16 - your writing process (as general or specific as you please). ([personal profile] umadoshi)
December 17 - Hector and Laurie and their wartime relationship ([personal profile] isagel)
December 18 - SPIES! ([personal profile] ceebee_eebee)
December 19
December 20 - any kinks/smutty things you like reading about but don't want to write, or vice versa. ([personal profile] umadoshi)
December 21 - anything about winter holiday celebration/observance, or if that's not your thing, how you deal with the cultural ONSLAUGHT OF CHRISTMAS. ([personal profile] umadoshi)
December 22
December 23
December 24
December 25 - any suggestions on training one's sense of smell to be more discerning about perfume notes, if you have any thoughts on it. ([personal profile] umadoshi)
December 26
December 27
December 28 - Shadow Unit! What are your feels? ([personal profile] aella_irene)
December 29 - a write-up of a perfume you've not reviewed before. ([personal profile] rydra_wong)
December 30
December 31 - what you would LIKE your life to look like. ([personal profile] recessional)

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