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Indiana Murray [userpic]

december posting meme, day 3

December 3rd, 2014 (07:29 pm)

December 3 - What all the characters in The Hour a) actually smell like, b) want to smell like? -- [personal profile] wisdomeagle

We're also getting into a couple-few things I haven't tried yet, but oh, well.

I am going to start with Lix, because that has been obvious to me always: Robert Piguet Bandit. I knew that before I smelled it, and I was very right: it's a very cold-bitter-smoky leather, with fabulous cheekbones.

What the Bois de Jasmin review does not tell you is that the perfumer, Germaine Cellier, explicitly talked about intending it for "tough dykes." (I know. In 1948! ONE OF MY FAVORITE HUMANS EVER.) I am not sure where I come down on Lix Storm's actual sexual identity; I am not sure canon is sure where it comes down on that. (The answer may just be "Anna Chancellor.") But face it, she would.

In a perfect world, with a full 21st-century RANGE of perfumes available: Etat Libre d'Orange Rien. The leather note of which is not totally unlike Bandit, but it's balanced out with incense and resins rather than galbanum and oakmoss -- which, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, means it smells warmer, more rough-textured, less structured, and less green, and settles down to smell sort of like a Byzantine church in its off-hours.

... I'm fond.

Freddie does not wear perfume. Freddie, in any possible incarnation, smells like pencil sharpenings, coffee, and old tweed, and is okay with this.

I legitimately cannot pick out a good perfume for Bel, and neither, I think, can Bel. She would suit a sufficiently intelligent big floral, but I don't think she'd ever wear one; whatever her mother wears (actually, I know what her mother wears: Tabu) probably put her off anything big or lush or overtly sexy for life, even if she didn't have a Career! to! Maintain! [personal profile] rydra_wong suggests Guerlain Sous le Vent, which sounds fair enough, although I haven't tried it. (And I may not have any success when I do -- I have dreadful luck with pre-1960s Guerlains, although I don't thiiiink I've tried any vintage.)

Ideally, ironically, I think probably vintage Miss Dior. Which in my case I have also not smelled. I could also see Serge Lutens Bois de Violette, which I have -- I don't love it on me, but I respect the hell out of it, and it has an amazing moire-silk quality, all darkish woods and shimmery violet.

Marnie: Jean Patou Joy eau de parfum.



(No, I haven't smelled that one either, I don't need to.)

Randall... does not do perfume.

Possibly because they haven't invented Serge Lutens L'Orpheline yet, and let me tell you, that is a weird motherfucker of a smell. I can't even pick out notes in it; it smells like cold fog and static electricity. It is the smell version of the opening paragraph of Neuromancer. I completely don't understand it, and it makes me uncomfortable, and I think he'd be all about it.

I also vaguely wonder about Comme des Garcons Kyoto.

Hector -- and this is another [personal profile] rydra_wong stroke of brilliance -- Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet. Because by God, he's living in the last era where a man living anywhere west of Saudi Arabia can wear something organized around a rose note without being looked at a little oddly, and he is going to TAKE. ADVANTAGE.

I have been trying to figure out Kiki for, like, ever -- specifically, trying to figure out what on earth the fucking HELL kind of completely inappropriate THING Laurie would have given her, what the fuck -- and have no answers.

I kind of think, given the option, she'd wear Etat Libre d'Orange Don't Get Me Wrong Baby just for the toxic levels of irony; I can't find a good review, but it's organized around lily of the valley and marshmallow, and the advertising copy talks about blowjobs. ELd'O is a special, special perfume house.

Angus McCain wears Jicky. He just... does.

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