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Indiana Murray [userpic]

december posting meme, day... q

December 20th, 2014 (07:22 pm)

Rather than drive myself batshit trying to catch up on these, I've decided that any missed topics will be rolled over to the same day next month. Because retail.

And WHAT a one to be coming back with:

December 20 - any kinks/smutty things you like reading about but don't want to write, or vice versa. -- [personal profile] umadoshi

Mostly the second part, because that's much easier to find examples of; I have a hard time reading anyone else's underage/extremely cross-gen porn, because that one is right on the kink-squick boundary for me, and my id is picky. That's one of those things where what [personal profile] recessional calls the "this cat! it is not a cheesecake!" problem* gets specific to the point of "this mocha cheesecake with a dark chocolate crumb crust! it has chocolate DRIZZLED on top and I wanted chocolate SHAVINGS!"

I mean, not that I tend to write it, either, but... yeah.

(Actually, this one falls into both categories, because in two VERY SPECIFIC and technically non-pornographic contexts, I like consuming much better than creating: Episode 1.05 of Penny Dreadful and, uh, the Mrs. Coulter bits of The Golden Compass. Both of those take a sledgehammer to the relevant buttons -- the latter one probably installed them, really -- while remaining technically basically gen.)

Also, for some reason, use of sex toys in textual porn almost never works for me unless I'm actively involved in writing it.

As far as the first part -- I know I've read and enjoyed a lot of things that I don't feel necessarily driven to write (I would say "m/m, for starters," but that would be pure snark at the expense of strict reality -- I mean Thomas and Arthur are RIGHT. THERE. So are Malcolm and Victor. And Hector and Laurie!), but I can't think of anything specific off the top of my head. I probably will in comments, though.

* i.e. "this is a perfectly good example of what it is, but it's not what I WANTED."

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